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FWD w/Power Adder




If you would like to be added to the list send an e-mail containing the following information:

1. Your Name 

2. Shop or Team Affiliation 

3. Location (City/State) 

4. Year & Model 

5. Drivetrain (5spd/6Spd/FWD/AWD), 

6. 60' time

7. 1/4 ET

8. MPH Trap

9. Your modifications/psi used on run and the Octane fuel used to obtain results. Please include the same information for Dyno numbers

10. For 1/4 times we require one time slip. This is to ensure honesty and accuracy. If we receive an email without the time slip picture the information WILL NOT be added

11. For Dyno entries we do require a Dyno printout. If we receive an email without the Dyno print out  the information WILL NOT be added


  Questions or comments?
  If there needs to be any corrections, suggestions, or if you want to be listed please send me an e-mail

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